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Tradeline For Sale

Tradeline Details:

Card Type: MasterCard (JetBlue)

Age: 14.5 years

Limit: $25,000

Utilization: 16%

No Late Payments

Time on tradeline: 3 months

Cost: $975 (Original $1275) ON SALE

Benefits of Adding A Tradeline

Becoming an authorized user on a secondary tradeline typically helps you build credit by piggy-backing off the primary account holder’s responsible use, and you can get this benefit without applying for or in many cases even using the credit card on your own.

On-time payments, low utilization and substantial age on the card by the primary cardholder will be added to your credit history and boost your score over time.

Becoming an authorized user on a secondary tradeline also lets you avoid having to apply for a card on your own (resulting in a hard inquiry), which is a major benefit if you currently have bad credit or no credit history at all. As a result, you can often get added as an authorized user to a card with better rewards or benefits than you could get otherwise (however you will not receive any rewards or benefits personally from the card beyond the improved credit score).

How It Works

Once you submit your payment and information below, you will be sent a confirmation email along with and be added to the account within 24 hours. Once you have been added to the account, you will be contacted to confirm once again. You will not be receiving a card once you are added and you will remain on the account for 3 months before you are taken off. T'he positive account history should remain on your credit report for up to one year even after you are removed.

It is your responsibility to maintain any positive payment history and low utilization ratios on any other open accounts that you may currently have. This is very important in order to maximize the positive payment history that is added to your credit file.

*If you do not hear back from us confirming the status of your account, then you may request and receive a full refund of your payment.

Sign Up For Tradeline Now

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Only 5 Spots Remaining $975 (originally $1275)
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